2019 Constitution

Extract from document

Club objectives
All the objectives below is limited to handguns and rifles in calibres 4.5 to 5.5mm
a. To provide an impartial, safe and structured environment for air gun shooting
b. To encourage the safe and responsible use of airguns
c. To obtain for members, such shooting facilities as may become desirable.
d. To promote and encourage all aspects of airgun sport and such other disciplines of air gun shooting as the members may decide
e. To create an impartial entity for organising and hosting of airgun competitions for acknowledged airgun disciplines
f. To create a centre of excellence to aid in the development and growth of airgun shooters
g. To provide an impartial practice facility for airgun shooters
h. To safeguard the interests of its members in all matters concerned with air gun sport
i. To assist in the affiliation to regional, national or international bodies, associations or societies whose aims and objectives coincide with those of the club, as deemed appropriate by the committee.